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Providing Grid Resilience and Peace of Mind for Transmission Owners

A reliable electric transmission grid, backed by resilience, is of vital importance to the economic, security and vitality of the nation. While electric utilities have always planned for recovery from network disruptions, recent events have demonstrated that the grid faces an emerging set of threats, both natural and man-made, that must be considered and mitigated.

Increasing threats to the electrical grid include both physical and cyber-based attacks like the sniper attack on the Metcalf Substation in 2013 and the Ukraine power outage in 2015. Other high-impact, low-frequency (HILF) events include earthquakes, superstorms and other severe weather events, solar flares leading to geomagnetic disturbances and electromagnetic pulses (EMPs).

In the face of these emerging threats, there is a clear need to improve the resilience and recovery capability of the transmission grid. Subscribers to Grid Assurance® services have access to critical, long-lead-time transmission equipment securely stored and readily deployable when needed.

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What People Are Saying

"Many electric power components are hand-built, manufacturing capacity is limited, and ordering them anew requires waits of up to 18 months."
— Wall Street Journal
"Collaboration is vital as we continue to address this important aspect of helping to ensure the reliability and resiliency of the nation's electricity delivery system."
— Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability RFI
"[Grid Assurance] ...will not compete with or replace STEP, but rather complement as well as supplement STEP."
— Comments filed with the Federal Electric Regulatory Commission, by the Edison Electric Institute
" important step in letting market forces solve our problems instead of pushing for federal action"
— American Enterprise Institute
"The service is a win-win; pooling assets and accessing economies of scale, which should lower costs to ratepayers."
— Homeland Security