Transmission Equipment Ready When Needed

When subscribing to Grid Assurance, transmission owners have direct access to long-lead-time equipment ready to be deployed.

Subscribers to Grid Assurance do not have to wait on delivery from a manufacturer. They do not have to hope that a neighboring utility might have the equipment they need. Nor do they have to worry about the condition the transmission equipment will be in when it arrives.

Grid Assurance subscribers can confidently plan for quick restoration following a catastrophic event when their inventory is deployed. They will know that the equipment is in proper working condition, where it is coming from, its dimensions, its manufacturer and its accessory details.

Grid Assurance is the pro-active, industry-led solution that elevates the industry’s capacity. It improves a transmission-owning company’s ability to quickly restore power delivery, helping to protect consumers and communities from the devastating impacts that delays in restoring electricity can have on quality of life and the nation’s economy.

Subscriber Benefits


  • Participate in pools of inventory applicable to your needs to greatly reduce total cost
  • Increased capacity of on-shore, on-hand long-lead time transmission equipment
  • Inventory will be actively managed to mitigate risk of obsolescence
  • Warranties that are transferable to subscribers with the appropriate length and terms

Strategic and Secure Storage

  • Secure, cost-effective storage
  • Strategic, geographically-diverse facilities
  • Insulated from threat and protected from the elements
  • Located near transportation hubs to facilitate transfer of assets

Transportation Support

  • Create and maintain pre-determined logistics plans to facilitate deployment
  • Engage with government agencies to review and exercise plans
  • Negotiate agreements with transportation, hauling and other service providers
  • Provide logistical and transportation subject matter expertise

Cost-effective, Rapid Solution

Sharing access to secure, firm inventory costs three to five times less than transmission-owner companies capitalizing additional operational spares on their own.

The service is a win-win; pooling assets and reaching economies of scale, which lowers costs to consumers.

Grid Assurance charges cost-based subscription fees. These transparent fees will facilitate subscribers’ ability to recover their expenses through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regulated stated or formula rates.

It is unreasonable and too costly for ratepayers to expect individual transmission owners to self-supply and maintain a complete, duplicate inventory of expensive critical transformer spares.